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From: Marc Isaacson, CEO, iThrivePH, & Village Green Apothecary

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Finally, the paradigm shift from a one-size-fits-all, big pharma driven 19th century society, to the new 21st century model of self discovery & personalization - backed by science.

In a David vs. Goliath struggle to free ourselves from the enslavement of increasing medications, layered new symptoms, and a powerful lobby. It's an industry forcing conformity, and enjoying accelerating revenues, up over 153 times over the past 40 years. At the same time, the U.S. trails behind the majority of leading economic countries in our health.

It's Time for a Change...With the IQYOU Smart Tool

What if you had an on-line SMART TOOL to know exactly what your body needed to thrive & you fueled it to excel past your wildest imaginations?  

Thousands of everyday people have done just that to reverse conditions, stop pain, fatigue, and start thriving again. 

This Has the Power to Change the Outdated Health System and Why it's Important to You! 

We're lemmings being passively driven off a cliff and we don't even know it! If you step back and simply see what's been happening over the last 30 years, it's scary:

- 51% of adults, in the prime of their lives, have at least one chronic condition, 15% have 3 or more!
- The average adult takes 4 or more different prescriptions in a year.
- It's so common to feel fatigued, have pain, headaches and symptoms that we just take it for granted!

...and the list goes on...diabetes is up 1,800%, auto-immune is too common...WHY?

1). We're Not Treating Underlying Causes...We're Just Masking Symptoms (Big Out-Dated Pharma)
2). Addressing Individual Uniqueness is the Solution (Register to Learn More)
3). We're Not Addressing the Big Elephant in the Room (Which is Causing All of These Conditions!)

Aren't you tired of what hasn't worked? Aren't you ready for a change? Want to discover the solution that health visionaries are calling "the most important solution of the century"? 

What Will Bring This Into the 21st Century: Regulation-A Crowdfunding

Finally, the answer to the health conundrum, that can benefit everyone's health, and where everyday people can now benefit from a small funding investment . 

By registering above, I'll share with you the latest SEC Reg-A details that now provides the answer for private businesses to raise capital through "crowdfunding". Everyday people can now invest as little as $250 and take part in growing businesses BEFORE they go public. In the past, only the large fat-cat investors had that luxury. 

We're excited about our filing because we can now take our proven solution called IQYOU to thousands more and provide you with the opportunity to benefit in three ways through our crowdfunding program:

1). Receive unique benefits equal to your investment.
2). Become an early adopter of the 21st Century Personalized Solution.
3). Receive shares of stock in iThrivePH.

I urge you to find-out more, just register above and I'll send you the details in our "Test the Waters" phase of our SEC filing. I'll also provide you with some AMAZING value along the way with future videos, valuable health content and an introduction to vision of the future.

Marc and iThrivePH
About the Smart Health Tool Called IQYOU:
Through 13 years of development and many millions of dollars, now this life-changing technology is available for prime time. 

It's the world's first Science-Based, Self-Guided, Smart-Tool. Essentially, it combines thousands of data points that are fueled by over 40,000 medical studies, 6,000 prescription data points, toxin data, OTC drugs, lifestyle data, nutrient data, and even DNA and labs to provide a complete picture and roadmap for your health.

By having a complete blueprint of your unique needs, you can thrive again!
Provide The Body What It Needs To Excel And Our Entire Healthcare System Could Flip Upside Down… 
 And we know how!

James Burton, Los Angeles, CA

“I received more feedback for Free than I did in paying for a $1,400 health report from my doctor.”

Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D.

“Dr. Pizzorno has been a visionary in shaping the future for science-based functional medicine. IQYOU will be his lasting legacy to help people from all over the world to make positive changes in their health. I’m fortunate to have this opportunity to provide my input into this valuable platform.”

- Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D.
Founder, Integrative Cancer Answers
Best Selling Author: 32 Ways to Outsmart Cancer
Huffington Post Contributor, Speaker on ABC, NBC and recognized leader in OutSmart Cancer Programs
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To your personal health revolution!
Marc & The IQYOU Team

P.S. - Every minute you wait is another minute you're missing out on starting your personal health revolution and getting information you need to thrive, today!

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